Primary Teachers
Rachel Brice, 12-hour session, 2009
Yoga and Tribal Fusion
Jill Parker, 2006-2008
Intermediate, Advanced, Performance Clinic
Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance, 2006-2008
Belly Dance Levels 1-3, Dance Movement, Folkloric Dance
Amy Sigil, 6-week session, 1/2008-2/2008
Tribal Fusion
Ansuya, 1/2007-7/2007
Ansuya Comprehensive Series
Aziza Fadwa, 2002-2006
Beginning, Intermediate, Veil, Taqsim
Blue Moon Dance Company, 2004-2005
Intermediate Tribal Fusion by Nandana, Tribal Zil Intensive

Drop-In Classes
Mira Betz, several drop-in sessions from 2007-2009
Various Ballet Studios, Ballet, 11/2007
Liz Strong, Turkish Roman, 9/4-9/25/2006
Gozde, Intermediate, ?/?/2005
Nanna Candelaria, 1/25/2006
Jill Parker, Beginning Intermediate, 1/23/2006
Tarik Sultan, Private Session, 11/2009, Intermediate, 8/13/2005
Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance, Belly Dance Level 1, 7/6/2004
Jamila Salimpour, Jamila Salimpour Format class, 7/6/2004
Jill Parker, Beginning Intermediate, 7/5/2004
Aisha Ali, Intermediate, 6/29/2004
Fat Chance Belly Dance, Beginner, 8/19/2003
Jill Parker, Beginning Intermediate, 8/18/2003